Presidential Nomination from Democratic Parties 2004

imagesBefore running for president, a selection process is done. In this process the Democratic Party voters chose a candidate that will run for president from the democratic side. There were ten candidates in the democratic parties to choose from. The prominent candidates were these four leading the front row in the primary elections, which included Vermont, former Governor Howard Dean, General Wesley Clark and two Senators, John Kerry and John Edward. Every candidate was trying their best to be on top and was working hard with their election campaigns. Howard Dean was one, who then was the leading candidate for nomination. Dean’s campaigns were going great causing the lead in the elections. He was also facing a lot of criticism from people about his view, but he was the highest fundraiser in all the candidates raising $7.4 million.

The starting competition was between Howard Dean and Congressman Richard Gephardt of Missouri. Dean raised the highest fund, which put him in the lead in the first contest took place in the state of Iowa. The same thing happened to Dean in the New Hampshire too. But things started to get different for Dean and Gephardt due to negative campaigning. The other thing that took Dean and Gephardt campaign to the border was the recovery of the other competitor candidate John Kerry and surfacing of the major contender John Edward of Iowa. The result of the caucus night showed that John Kerry received 38% votes, John Edward 32%, Howard Dean 18% and Richard Gephardt 11%. Gephardt, one of the candidates backed up from the race after seeing that the result were not good at all for him.

Later in primary of New Hampshire, Howard Dean was defeated by John Kerry by 38% to 26%. John Edward was also facing some losses and negative campaign which caused him to fall back behind John Kerry. But the things started to turn good for Edward when Dean withdrew from the competition. Now the competition was only between John Kerry and John Edward. Before the 2004 Democratic National Convention, John Kerry chooses John Edward to be his running mate. The final official announcement about John Kerry for President and John Edward for Vice President was made in the Convention by Bill Clinton. Both the selected candidates had to go face to the opposite candidates George W. Bush and Dick Cheney from Republican Party in the presidential elections. Kerry went head to head with Bush in the final elections for the U.S President. Kerry based his theme on his personal experience that he had during the Vietnam War. The competition was very tough for Kerry as the opponent was Bush, but he did his best in the long run. Kerry lost from Bush in the general election later because his views about the War on Terror were that it was incompetent, but Bush defended his actions and decision of the war. Kerry’s view became the end thing for him in the presidential race.

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