General Wesley Clark and politics


General Wesley Clark  before his retirement thought of entering politics. He started to discuss his thought with people in politics and which lead him to take the decision of entering the politics. He started his official political career as a democrat as he said he was happy to be one. The decision of being a member of a democratic part was based on the view point of the party which was for ordinary men and women and about fair play. In order to people to know General Wesley Clark” target=”_blank”>about Clark and his entry in politics, a draft campaign was started. The campaign took a boost as soon a website name “” was created on 10th of April 2003. Through this campaign around ten thousand volunteer signed up and the campaign managed to raise 1.5 million in pledges.

Wesley was having trouble in making a decision of entering politics as he didn’t wanted to drag his family in the field but after his family support he took the decision. The reason for Clark’s wife support was because her son, who believed that it, was time to change the world towards something good. On 17th of September 2003, Wesley Clark announced to become a candidate for the Democratic Presidential elections. The entry was done months late by Clark in the campaign which was an issue for him. Clark knew that he hold no political background that is questionable for public. So he planned the campaign very wisely and used some old names from 1992 and 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign. He hired John Hlinko, founder of as internet strategy director and with his help Clark was able to $3.5 million is a short time of two weeks. But things were not working very well for Clark in the politics field. He was facing many questions and concerns about his actions which were making things not easier for him. Media was asking a lot of questions and the answers given by Clark were not considered good enough by people and media. After carefully calculating his chances against his opponent, Clark decided to opt out from caucuses and decided to enter later for primaries. The opting out decision of Clark benefited the opponent John Kerry and John Edward campaigns in a huge way.

In the primaries Clarks performed was considered a lot better than it was before. He even had ties with Edward in New Hampshire primary and also won the Oklahoma primary. He lost in other states with slight or distant turnout. When Clark lost in the South, which was basically the main focus of his whole campaign, he backed off from the race on 11th February 2004. After his withdrawal Wesley Clark said that “If he had not opted out of the Iowa caucus, things would have been a lot different from what they are presently for him”. Although the views of Clark were good but he was not able to get it through to people through his campaign and lost the elections of 2004.

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