Did Wesley Clarks Used Modafinil to get to the top?

A lot of people are now taking Modafinil. Alex Fortin review is usage of modafinil (provigil) from Afinilexpress on is blog here. Also, Dave Asprey, the successful executive talk about how it changed is life here. Literally let him earn a MBA at the same time then working full time at a startup that sold for 600 millions dollars.

US pilot fighters regularly use it to stay sharp and focus for difficult missions, Barack obama and tons of other people reportedly use Modafinil on a regular basis. So this is with no fanfare and trumpets that we ask ourselves did Wesley Clarks used Modafinil too?

I mean the guy went for US presidency and has been active in every front. One major side effect of Modafinil is to give you more energy and let you focus more easily on the task at end. Looks like wesley didn’t have any lack of focus. Also is success in the military front and the heavy use of performance enhancement there would suggest that he might have been expose to modafinil there. But let’s stop here no proof, can’t accuse the man. So let’s look at other successful people that might have used modafinil.

Based on AlexFortin.com website, Barack Obama reportedly used modafinil on a regular basis which was proved with prescription recorded for the president. Working as the US presidency is probably the job that requires the most focus and energy to sustain all the work needed.

Imagine having to wake up every day and having to make decision for the most powerful country in the world. Your focus need to be 100% all the time and your energy level must be through the roof. The report doesnt say which brand of Modafinil the president was using, either Modafinil, Modalert, Modvigil or Provigil. All it says is that he had a modafinil prescription.

Similar thing goes for the US Army. Pilots fighter have been reportedly using Modafinil on a regular basis. It says it increase their focus and reduce tireness during critical mission. After all, who doesn’t want fighter that can sustain 20+ hours of work at peak level in his army? I’d take it any time! So if Modafinil is good for US Pilots, then it must be good for the average person too.

A recent study revealed that more and more college students are turning to Modafinil to help them go through high demanding degree. So just like Dave Asprey or Alex Fortin, a lot of people are turning to the brain enhancing substance to increase their brain power.

So is taking modafinil cheating? Maybe. Is it bad to cheat? I don’t think so. If cheating means getting a edge on the enemy during war time, Id cheat anyway without a doubt. If cheating means you can make better decision for your country and improve the lives of millions of people, then cheating is a great thing. It is usually a matter of perspective and one thing could have multiple answer.

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