Wesley Clark is a name that is known for many good things. He is the retired 4-star General of U.S. Army, where he served for 34 years in U.S .Military. When Clark started to live a civilian life, he decided to set some goals for himself.  There were several things in his goals like entering the business world and earning $40 million, becoming professional golfer and becoming a professor. He is a very strong man which is not a questionable opinion after seeing his Army life as a general. After retirement he moved back to his home town Little Rocks, Arkansas, where he joined Stephens Group in 2000. Stephens group is an investment company and Clark took the post in board of the company.

After working in different firms, in 2003 Wesley started his own business named Wesley Clark & Associates. He is very talented man, which made easier for him to survive in the world outside the military after retirement. Clark is also the author two books which are related to war and military experiences he had during his life as a General. Clark’s book “Waging Modern War: Bosnia, Kosovo” was published in 2001. The book is based on his personal experience of the time when he was leading NATO’s forces to win the war of Kosovo in 1999. The other book that he wrote was published in 2003 named “Winning modern war, Iraq, terrorism, and the American Empire”, which was also in reference to his previous book and the military activities done in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both his books were the best-sellers.

He also worked as managing director in merchant banking from 2001 to 2003. He has been part of CNN also, where he was a public speaker and commentator.  He has entered the energy sector now and also joined the Blackstone Group as deal advisor. He will also take up the position of director in another company which is formed by Blackstone called Fisterra Energy. The energy company is working mostly in Latin America and the Middle East. As per his education background in politics Clark also entered the politics in 2003 and entered himself in the Democratic Presidential nomination for 2004. He is also part of American ethanol industry, where he is co0chairman of Growth Energy. Besides all this is also director of BNK Petroleum, a private oil exploration company.

He wants to work with other countries in order to solve the energy related problems because he saying that “If the problems and challenges related to energy and energy development are solved, it can be very helpful for the economic growth of the world”. He is a person who has done so many great things in his military time and even after retirement struggling and working to help his country. In his personal life Wesley was married to Gertrude Clark since 46 years and have a son, but filed for divorce in 2012. Presently he is found to be in relation with 38 year old Shauna Mei, who founder and chief executive officer in a company called AHALife.

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