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About Extreme Campaign

Wesley Clark TV message:

“ Everything has changed. Americans want a president who is prepared to deal with threats to our security-those we know and those we don’t. Who has the experience to protect us?  It’s an important question.

Wes Clark has the dedicated his life to defending our security, our principles.

He’s led armies, forged coalitions, and helped negotiate a peace. At a time like this, don’t we need a president like that?

Clark: I’m Wes Clark and I approve this message.”

With this amazing message let us tell you about Extreme Campaign. Extreme Campaign is a website that was built in 2004. The main reason for this website is to promote the 2004 Democratic  Presidential campaign that happened around 10 years ago. The second and the most important reason behind the development of this website is to promote Wesley K. Clark.

Who is Wesley Clark?

Wesley k. Clark  is the main person, who is presenting himself to run the Democratic Party for the 2004 elections. Wesley Clark is a great man,  a retired General of U.S army. He has been a part of the Kosovo War in 1999 to 2000 where he commanded  the Operation Allied Force. He had spent 34 years of his life in protecting his country on the line. He is not an army personnel but also a man of great principles, who believe America now need a change in the way politics work.  He is a has written books about his war experiences which were the best sellers. Now Clark has entered the 2004 Presidential Election to show change there is still hope of a much more secure and better life in America.

Here you can write your reviews, tell Wesley Clark about what you want to change in America, help him understand the nation’s need and demands. Clark is the person that believes in peace and no wars without any good reasons. He believes Iraq war would not have happened, if Bush would have not been the president of America. We stand by General Wesley Clark and his thoughts. We also believe it’s time for a more prosperous future without the War fear. We are here to bring change in the life of a common man, a change that will make his life become better. We want to bring a balance to the society, so that this country work on the principles it was built on. There is a chance of things to change if the choices are made wisely and choosing the right candidate to run the country. Help Wesley Clark in his campaign, support your leader and it’s time to stand for  your rights, your freedom and your future. We are here to be your voice, the nations voice. The Wesley Clark “extreme campaign” will bring your future close to you. This time don’t vote a candidate, vote for a better future. The Web site will help you understand why you should vote for Wesley Clark.