2004 Democratic Vice President: John Edward

John Edward was one of the candidates in the 2004 Democratic Presidential Election, representing the Democratic Party.  At first Edward was considering to run for Senate reelection, but at the same time he was also thinking about running in the 2004 presidential elections. So after thinking carefully, Edward officially announced his nomination for 2004 Democratic Presidential elections.  Ed Turlington from North Carolina, chaired the Edward’s campaign for the elections. Edward worked for Senate election help him a lot in building a very strong campaign for the Democratic Party. In the first quarter of 2003, Edward was able to generate funds of over $7 million. These funds were not raised from just his trial lawyers, families and employees.

Edward opinion was criticized by the media as he divided America in two Americas, one made of rich and wealthy people and the other one of ordinary common men. He was called populist by the media due to his view about America. Edward worked hard in the race by winning. He was faced some defeats like coming on forth position in the 3rd February primaries, lost Oklahoma to Clark and lost other states to Kerry. Edward won the South Carolina primary. Things turned in Edward favor when Dean backed off from the contest making Edward the second and only candidate in the race with Kerry.

Kerry was in the lead and Edward was second after him. When it came to announce the vice president of the Democratic Party, Kerry announced an Edward’s name for the post. Kerry said that it was not his choice to choose Edward for Vice President Nomination but the decision was basically on democratic leaders and public opinion polls. Edward received mixed views from the Democrats in which some were with him and other doubted him due to less experience in the field. Some statement was made about Edward opponent Dick Cheney that was later found wrong.  Edward and Kerry were head to head to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney who were from the Republican Party. The race for president and vice president elections was an interesting thing to see as both the party candidates were strong in their own ways. Democrat party of Edward was hoping for a good heavy turnout of voters, which happened, but they forgot to calculate the Republicans turnout ratio. Media thought that democratic party Kerry is going to win the elections as he won Ohio, but the news turned out to be opposite of what thought. George W. Bush won the elections and Kerry and Edward lost it. Edward would have been a good vice president as his thinking was different than others, he thought about the life of common men and his problems. He wanted to eliminate poverty, withdraw tropes from Iraq, work for better health care and fight global warming. Edward political career didn’t end after the 2004 Presidential elections; he entered in the 2008 Presidential elections and kept himself in the political field. He had overcome his lack of political experience part.

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